BitWarden Free Password Manager

In this digital age, everyone has at least an account on the internet. Be it social media accounts, email accounts, shopping sites and more. Each and every of these sites definitely requires your password to access. The best practice is to never re-use or repeat your passwords. If you were to set a different password for every account, there is a high chance that you will end up forgetting which password is for which website eventually.

Thankfully for every IT problem, there is a solution. The answer to remembering all your passwords is to use a Password Manager. Well I am not going to go in-depth on Password Managers as there are many to choose from. There are those which are self hosted and a few paid ones. But today, I am going to focus on Bitwarden as they are one of the few providers that are providing both free and paid version. It is by far one of the best Password Managers that i have used and still am using it till today.

To get started, all you need to do is to create an account here. Once you account is created, you just need to install BitWarden Password Manager to the device you use the most. For example, you can either install the Chrome browser extension on your computer or download the app on Play Store to access and view your passwords on your mobile. As for me, i installed it on both my computer and mobile, that way, i can access my passwords anywhere. The best feature of BitWarden is that it is cross platform. It supports Linux, Windows, Mac and both App Store and Play Store for mobile devices.

The most important thing to take note is to create a super strong password and never forget it. This will be your one and only master password and the only password you will ever going to remember. If you were ever to lose or forget this master password, you are pretty much done for.