OnePlus 9R Review

With so many variants of mobile phones nowadays, we are surely spoiled for choice. It can be confusing at times, but we have to decide on what we are going to use our phone for. There is no such thing as a one phone fits all. For example, a phone with a good camera might not have a good processor for gaming vice versa. Initially, I was looking for a compact phone and the only options  were, Google Pixel 5 and Zenfone 8. The price of the Google Pixel 5 and the specifications just doesn’t add up. It was too expensive for such low specs. The only good review about the Google Pixel 5 is probably the camera.
As for the Zenfone 8, the price is definitely a steal. It is powered with the latest SnapDragon 888 processor. However the only downside is that the camera is not as good and there are reviews that the device overheats frequently. And also, the back camera alignment looks out of place.
Then i came across the OnePlus 8t. Upon further research, i found out that OnePlus recently released the exact same phone but renamed it OnePlus 9r. The technical specs i settled for is as below.
  • Processor : Snapdragon 870 5G
  • Storage: 256GB Internal
  • Ram: 12GB
  • Screen: 120Hz Fluid Amoled
  • Size: 6.55″ Display
  • Battery: 4500mAh
If only the display size was smaller, it would have been perfect. Nonetheless, it is truly an amazing phone for the price. The stock camera works great but if you want to squeeze more, you can install GCam for natural looking photos with no auto adjustments.
As for the specs, the reason i choose a Snapdragon 870 over a Snapdragon 888 is because of the overheating issues. There are many feedback that the Snapdragon 888 has overheating issues. So i went with the Snapdragon 870 instead. With 256GB storage and 12GB ram, it is more than sufficient for gaming and everyday use.
Overall i am satisfied with the OnePlus 9r. The on screen fingerprint scanner is also fast and accurate. I will definitely recommend this for anyone who wants an “almost” all rounder mobile phone.