Razer Product Review

Razer is a well known brand for Gamers. It would only seem fair for me to review products that I have used for more than a year. Last year, I was given a lot of feedbacks that Razer products are not good. I am a very skeptical person and I don’t judge by someone else’s review, i try them out for myself. So I bought the whole Razer Chroma Bundle. Razer BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard, Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse and a Razer Kraken Chroma USB headset.

At that point of time, i was obsessed with the RGB colours (I still am) so that was why i bought them all. It is true that Razer products are overpriced but the build quality is “quite” solid. Their products are almost perfect except that it was not build to last. The products does it job as advertised. The mechanical switches are great, DPI on the mouse awesome and sound quality was superb. However, the exterior part was not as what I expected.

The Razer BlackWidow X Chroma keyboard has a matt black metal body. It is really tough and sturdy but to my surprise, after months of usage, i realised that the left side of the keyboard near my left wrist started to rust! Some might argue that i have sweaty palms but shouldn’t Razer thought of that? Even if you do not have sweaty palms, if it was built for a Gamer, shouldn’t it at least be made out of Stainless Steel or any other material that do not rust easily? Now my keyboard looks ugly.

The Razer DeathAdder Chroma mouse is the only Razer product that is perfect. The size fits perfectly, the mouse sensitivity is on point and there are no double clicking issues yet. The Razer Kraken Chroma USB headset has the same aesthetic issue as my keyboard. The ear cushions just tear into pieces after months of usage. I thought to myself, maybe i was too hardcore. So i decided to purchase a brand new pair of ear cushions from the official Razer website. Guess what, they had no stock, weeks past and they still have no stock? Now my headset looks ugly.

My conclusion, I would not recommend Razer if you are looking for robust gaming peripherals. It is true that it is overpriced and not worth the money. You can easily find other alternatives with the same features at a fraction of the cost. However, if you don’t mind the price and don’t use them as hardcore as me, then Razer is suitable for you. If you plan to get Razer products, it is best to get them in a set as they have this software called “Razer Synapse”. The software saves all your settings on the cloud. This is one of the unique feature that I find very useful. At the end of the day, this is just my personal review. You decide.